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About us

What do you get when you mix together love and passion with quality and sustainability?

Here is our offer:
Knæk & Bræk grew out of the Himmerland soil, as an idea and a passionate collaboration between four friends.
We’ve borrowed our name from the theater world – apart from that, we’ve come up with it all by ourselves – and there’s not much drama about what we do.

We focus on quality, appreciate sustainability and traditions, and at the same time are keen to develop ourselves – in the recognition that the perfect is found in the imperfect – our ambition is always to become even better.

Every day, our small local bakery in Øster Doense, is the setting for a craft we are proud of.

The sustainable Knæk & Bræk:

We believe in the future – and that belief is closely related to our focus on the environment and people – for us it is common sense.

For us, this means:

That we use 90% organic products in our bakery.

That we choose Danish when we can, and thus the shortest possible path from farm to table, for the raw materials we use.

All oats and rye are Danish, and the other seeds and kernels we use are as much as possible. It is our goal to continue to increase the share of Danish-produced raw materials.

That we recycle. All residues are sorted out and recycled, among other things biodiesel and animal feed.

That we are rooted in and an active part of the local community in the small village of Øster Doense, where we create life and local jobs.

Here we are:


Is always up for a game of ‘guess the song’, and Radio Nord, which is the prefered radio in the bakery, is therefore often the occasion for his interpretation of the tracks.
For Anders, a well functioning production is closely linked to a good working environment, and he emphasizes shared breaks and good laughs – and there are lots of laughs.


Hanne has been in Knæk & Bræk for so long that, according to Anders, she is almost registered. Hanne is local and really wants to cycle to work. However, she usually takes the car and flies when she takes the corners in Øster Doense. She explains that when she disconnects the wheels, the car does not charge.


Sif is the one who pays out salaries and expertly takes care of everything else in the bookkeeping. Right now, Sif is on maternity leave, so it’s mostly the charmer Olivia and the rest of the family who benefit from her company.
We look forward to seeing Sif again.


Jane started at Knæk og Bræk in August and helps to pack our crispbread. She is always in good humor and it is never boring to work with her. Jane loves going for walks in nature, when the sun is shining, with her husband and enjoying good food with friends and family.


Krisztian is from Humgary and is the newest addition to the family. He arrives early together with Anders and prepares the dough. In the breaks he loves sharing different stories from his home country or his lovely family.