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Knæk og Bræk Knæk & Bræk kb crisp bread danish crisp bread

Oat crispbread

Summer, seeds and biscuits in the bag

900 g

You know crispbread and you know biscuits – meet one of Knæk & Bræk’s three hybrids between the two, which combines the crunchy with the slightly sweet. In Knæk & Bræk, oats are in season all year round. The mix between the crispy baked bells from the oats and the golden cane sugar, sends you straight to the countryside, with sun and wind in your hair. For a cup of coffee, after a dip at the beach or in the pool, the crisp and sweet snacks are ready to be taken out of the bag and crunched. A good source of fibre with its 45% oats. Ideal for sprinkling on top of fresh fruit and Greek yogurt for your breakfast.

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